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Help Us Change Lives and Inspire.

All kids deserve the opportunity to learn, and Backpacks For a Cause's mission is to make that possible one kid at a time. 100% of donations are used to purchase new school supplies and deliver donations. Every donation helps BFAC get one step closer to providing children in need with backpacks and other school supplies. You can make a difference by donating now to our GoFundMe (linked below), or donating school supplies by emailing us directly. 



Thank You to All Our Donors 

Margaret Livingstone

Elizabeth Hinckley

Gail Blumsack

Virginia Thomas

Sarah Rolf

Allen Foley

Domokos Hadnagy

Diana Foster Fell

Kieth MacWhorter 

Raymond Lynch

Brook P Meerbergon

Margaret Cory

Valerie Jones

Simon Foley

Suzanne Covert

Mark Donato 

Elizabeth Keating

John Greene

Maeve Greene

Jim McGaw

Clementine Vauchel

Deborah Tamulis

Jeffery Poole 

Marco Glaviano

Katherine Meffert 

Christion A Gibson 

Gordon *******

Marixa ****

Teresa Connors 

Hillary Olinger

John McGarr

Diana Foster Fell

Peggy Pederson

Judith Foregger

Robert Foregger 

Thatcher Foregger

Daisy Foregger 

Douglas Foregger 

*****- Full name did not want too be mentioned.

Volunteer With Us Now!

Backpacks For a Cause is a non-profit run using one hundred percent volunteer power. We have many different volunteer opportunities within our organization, such as online options, in person , and community branch work.*

**Community branch work is a higher commitment volunteer option. To learn more about it email us!

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