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True Stories 

The BFAC Impact 

Since 2021 BFAC has received numerous letters and emails giving insight into how the donated backpacks and supplies has affected lives. Below are stories and quotes surrounding the impact of BFAC :

Image by Kuanish Reymbaev

We Spread Joy 

We received a powerful letter from one of the shelters we donated our school supplies to telling us about one of the children who received a backpack. "There was a little girl who hadn't yet learned English and wasn't able to afford supplies for that school year. Although when she received her Backpack she was so delighted she could only hop around exclaiming over and over again Yay! Yay! Yay!"

We Inspire 

We had a mother of two reach out to us through our website who had been homeless for 2 years. "My kids don't have much, and they could use a backpack for sure" she explained while telling us her story. It was evident her and her family were in desperate need for new school supplies to heighten their hopes.  Backpacks For a Cause was able to drive to meet this family and donate new backpacks, supplies, and other goodies. 



Charity We Donated To

Our children and their grateful parents are thrilled with the fun and filled backpacks, BFACs hard work and thoughtfulness is apparent in every pack. 

Foodbank We Donated To 

We are humbled by Backpacks For a Causes project

Shelter We Donated To 

Backpacks For a Cause  has changed lives with this special donation, we are so grateful!

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